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Technology has modernized a number of industries – but insurance underwriting stands out as an area that has remained relatively underserved by technology, still largely taking place between the inbox and Excel. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Recent years have seen the rise of modern tools that incorporate AI and machine learning methodologies to expand opportunities for underwriting. 
Join Insurance Quantified and SambaSafety on September 27, 2023 for a deep dive webinar on how underwriting teams are using this powerful combination of the right data and tools to discover discrepancies in commercial trucking applications.
In a fireside chat at the 2023 DigIn Conference, Jeff Tyler of Insurance Quantified and David Daniels of MiniCo Insurance Agency (a Jencap Company) discussed how insurers can leverage AI tools to become a preferred employer and supercharge existing and future underwriting talent. Here are a few of the highlights.
Join our very own Suman Palit, Vice President of Groundspeed Product Management, on November 2 from 3:05 - 3:40 PM for “The Holy Grail for Commercial Underwriting: Fast, Accurate Data” panel. The group of experts will discuss how the industry is using technology to redefine standards and expectations for speed and quality of data.
We are thrilled to be a Gold sponsor at the 2023 Target Markets Annual Summit in Scottsdale from October 16-18. The team at Insurance Quantified now with Groundspeed is looking forward to in-depth conversations about the insurance industry.
Insurance Quantified now with Groundspeed is excited to attend the 2023 MCIEF Annual Conference in Orlando from October 3-6. We look forward to learning about the newest advancements in the motor carrier insurance industry and seeing our clients, partners and industry colleagues at the event.
In the insurance industry, a common pain point is access to the information needed to make decisions and run the business. David Daniels, EVP and Director of Product Development & Innovation at MiniCo Insurance Agency, a Jencap Company, reflects on his career in insurance and discusses the opportunities he sees for data and technology in this Q&A with Insurance Quantified.
Underwriting commercial P&C insurance is complex – each industry looks different, small businesses are different than medium-sized ones, and each product can bring on new complications. Combine these challenges with an industry talent crisis, and it has never been more difficult to position your underwriting function for success.
Too many technologists can connect with this story: you deliver something that you feel is genius, only to have nobody use it. To avoid this dilemma, we advocate for a “user-first” approach to technology initiatives where you earn the trust of business partners with a little empathy, steady stream of value and a lot of communication.
Having the same people review the same product repeatedly can lead to gaps. At Insurance Quantified, one way we overcome this is by inviting all employees to put on their user hats and test out the client experience during an annual bug bash. It's not only an opportunity to find bugs, it helps us build culture and work together to mold our product into the best version it can be.

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