Driving Safety: Undertaking a Technology Transformation to Create Safer Roads

Boosting Insurance Risk Assessment with Consolidated Analytics

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Indiana-based Protective Insurance has nearly 100 years of experience safeguarding fleets of trucks and their drivers. As new datasets such as IoT and traffic data have become more readily available, and advanced technologies like distributed computing become more ubiquitous, the senior leadership team at Protective has conceived a bold vision for the future.

Download the recording to hear Jeremy Johnson, CEO of Protective, discuss their technology transformation journey and how they plan to use technology and data science to drive profitable growth by making the roads safer.

The panel discusses:

  • The planned transformation journey to implement an integrated underwriting workbench and policy administration system
  • How this will drive automation and evidence-based underwriting
  • How the resulting data insights will lead to development of new safe driver incentives.

Watch the recording here and listen to our panelists discuss their ultimate goal to leverage Two Sigma Insurance Quantified’s cloud-first underwriting workbench and data science capabilities to provide insights to incentivize safer driving behaviors from Protective’s customers.