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Powering Underwriting to Unlock Business Growth

At Insurance Quantified, we help commercial P&C carriers and MGAs achieve scalable growth and reduce loss ratios by amplifying underwriting talent.

Our Mission

With a systematic underwriting process that delivers the right data when and where it’s most needed, P&C carriers and MGAs can grow their business, improve underwriting profitability and become a preferred partner and employer. It’s an exciting vision – and we’re working every day to make it a reality.

How We Do It


Trusted Solutions
Our underwriting solutions are designed to empower underwriting and fuel your business with the actionable data and systematic processes needed to make profitable business decisions with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.


Data Expertise
We have deep experience in data engineering, data analytics and data science, and we’ve channeled it into helping your teams work with data in new ways and uncover meaning that will drive business impact.


Long-Term Partners
We seek to intimately understand your business and to serve as a resource, guide and collaborator as you take your underwriting to the next level. We have your back every step of the way, from the earliest stages of onboarding to the long-term future of your business.

A Heritage
of Innovation

As a company backed by Two Sigma, a pioneer and global leader in financial sciences, harnessing the power of data science and technology to discover meaningful solutions to business problems is part of our DNA. Fueled by an unrelenting focus to transform the insurance ecosystem, we strive to exemplify innovation in everything we do.

Insurance Quantified brings the rigorous inquiry, data science, and invention of Two Sigma to P&C insurance underwriting.
David Siegel, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Two Sigma

Who We Are

Working with Insurance Quantified, you get more than just technology. You get a true business partner to help you take your underwriting to the next level.
We are intimately familiar with the insurance value chain, the pain points that exist within it and the optimal approaches for solving them. We are collaborative, responsive and highly attuned to your day-to-day support needs, creating a clear path to innovation.
We have an expert understanding of where data and modeling can be applied to create new insights, and we employ seasoned technologists who know how to build platform technology that scales with your business needs.
We know how to visualize data in an accessible, compelling manner that enhances understanding and smooths workflows, and work tirelessly to bring our functionality to life to enhance your productivity and elevate the art of underwriting.

Data Experience Credentials

The Leading Technology Provider for Commercial Underwriting



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