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Insurance is a complex business. This shouldn’t be news to anyone operating in this industry, but it also shouldn’t be shocking to anyone who has ever had to purchase insurance. As with any complex system, insurance companies have developed processes and guidelines that enable them to operate consistently across different offices, regions and often national borders. And just like any complex system with longstanding processes and ways of executing, these same concepts that enable companies to operate effectively can also become shackles when external or internal forces demand change and adaptation.  
Technology has modernized a number of industries – but insurance underwriting stands out as an area that has remained relatively underserved by technology, still largely taking place between the inbox and Excel. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Recent years have seen the rise of modern tools that incorporate AI and machine learning methodologies to expand opportunities for underwriting. 
Too many technologists can connect with this story: you deliver something that you feel is genius, only to have nobody use it. To avoid this dilemma, we advocate for a “user-first” approach to technology initiatives where you earn the trust of business partners with a little empathy, steady stream of value and a lot of communication.

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