Intelligent Insurer White Paper Illustrates Why Groundspeed is Leading the Transition to Frictionless Underwriting

Groundspeed was acquired by Insurance Quantified in 2023.

ANN ARBOR, MI and ATLANTA, GA, August 13, 2019 – Intelligent Insurer, a leading industry publication, has featured Groundspeed in their whitepaper entitled “15 ways technology is transforming insurance”. The whitepaper illustrates the unique value of the Groundspeed solution and is an example of why Groundspeed is leading the evolution to frictionless underwriting enabled by technology.

The whitepaper highlights companies that are making an impact today. As such, Groundspeed is in production with some of the largest insurers in the world. Groundspeed is the only company on the list that has expertise in converting unstructured data into actionable insights. To build a truly frictionless underwriting process, insurers will need to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate more accurate results faster than humans, while feeding the organization’s analytics engines.

Groundspeed appreciates the recognition from Intelligent Insurer. The whitepaper was released in advance of the Intelligent Insurtech Europe 2019 conference. To download your copy of the whitepaper for free, fill out a contact info form on Intelligent Insurer’s website.