Groundspeed Highlighted in Insurtech Hot 100 List Published by Intelligent Insurer

Groundspeed was acquired by Insurance Quantified in 2023.

ANN ARBOR, MI and ATLANTA, GA, October 29, 2019 – Intelligent Insurer recently published a list of the 100 top insurtech firms that have the potential to transform the industry. Groundspeed was featured on this list recognizing the tremendous impact Groundspeed has already had on some of the largest brokers and carriers. Inclusion on this list is distinctive because the selections were made according to the results of a global online survey. Intelligent Insurer noted “The companies featured here are of all sizes and many are far from startups—what they have in common is their ability to make a tangible and positive difference to aspects of the risk transfer industry globally.” The full list is available as a directory on Intelligent Insurer’s website.